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CAPCOM: Mega Man Rebooted

If Capcom doesn’t find a good way to use them in Nintendo’s games, amiibo lose value as a whole. Continue reading

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How To Better: Lucadian Chronicles

Lucadian Chronicles was a pleasant surprise.  Out of nowhere, a card-battle RPG showed up with a simple, yet deceptively deep and engaging formula, Miiverse integration, online multiplayer, and (probably most importantly of all) NO MICROTRANSACTIONS!  That’s right, folks, you do not … Continue reading

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Should we be moving away from the word, “Gamer”?

When you hear the word ‘gamer’, you think of someone in their mid-30s, attractive, has their life all worked out, maybe has a significant other or a spouse who is equally attractive and worked out lifewise.  They make 6 digits … Continue reading

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