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Top ∞ Games that should have been made for the Wii

Throughout the 7th generation of console gaming, I would see some game announcements that looked fantastic!  …until they later announced that the game would not be going to the Wii, eschewing Wii motion control in favour of a game you … Continue reading

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Could Atlus be the new Squaresoft?

When Square famously returned their N64 development kits back in the 5th Generation of Console Gaming, they tore a JRPG-shaped hole in Nintendo.  The action damaged both companies.  Then-president of Nintendo Japan, Hiroshi Yamauchi tried to pass off the idea … Continue reading

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Should we be moving away from the word, “Gamer”?

When you hear the word ‘gamer’, you think of someone in their mid-30s, attractive, has their life all worked out, maybe has a significant other or a spouse who is equally attractive and worked out lifewise.  They make 6 digits … Continue reading

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How To Better: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Wow, I can’t believe how many hours I’ve sunk into this compelling game!  At first, this would seem like the perfect game.  The graphics are stylish and smooth, especially with the 3D slider at maximum.  The gameplay is fast and … Continue reading

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Intelligent Systems + Atlus = Shin Megami Emblem?

Breaking news coming from an anonymous inside source at Nintendo suggest that a Fire Emblem styled Shin Megami Tensei game is on the drawing board for the Wii U.  Tentatively given the title of “Devil Survivor Ultimate” I do not … Continue reading

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Originally posted on My Nintendo News:
Venture Beat, the publication that announced Resident Evil 6 and its characters before Capcom officially showed off the game to the world, is reporting that Darkstalkers 4 is currently in development at Capcom. Darkstalkers 4…

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How Can I Get My Hands on This Wiimote?

Wow! Gotta love seeing gamers represent at conventions!

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