About Guardian Hero and his blog of bloggy blogness

I’ve been playing video games ever since I was little. I grew up knowing that a positive attitude and the drive to succeed, you will inevitably win. My role models were Super Mario, Crono and his gang, and Cecil the Dark Knight with a heart of gold, all housed under the same seal of quality. Now that Nintendo has become the biggest company in Japan, with the Wii and DS, and now their new 3DS dominating the charts and in the news, it’s time to see Third Parties put their best foot forward on Nintendo’s consoles again.
This blog is here to show those third parties how they can improve their efforts to match the quality that Nintendo has been consistently bringing us for the past 25+ years in video games, to show already-Nintendo developers how they can keep striving for perfection, and maintaining the quality that has kept everyone’s favourite game company thriving for more than a century.