CAPCOM: Mega Man Rebooted

I’ve got a hunch.

Here’s the long of it; A new prediction for what’s coming out of Capcom in the next few years.

Capcom has a Mega Man and a Ryu amiibo.  Amiibo are basically the new legalized crack cocaine.  The new Beanie Babies.  Possibly even the new Pokémon.  One of the best things about amiibo is that third parties are allowed to take advantage of their powerful and valuable I.P.s through amiibo figurines of their characters.

If Capcom doesn’t find a good way to use them in Nintendo’s games, amiibo lose value as a whole.  Sure they’re collectable figurines, but they were marketed as collectible figurines for people who play video-games, for use with said video games. Taking the video games out of the equation removes some of the incentive Nintendo has for making amiibo (to ease the costs of making video games), and the incentive the public has to buy Nintendo games (more stuff that their amiibo are compatible with).

While Inafune is off being a business man and not a creator, Capcom can bring Mega Man the rest of the way back from obscurity (a job that Super Smash Bros. has already done half the work for).
Mega Man Legends 3,
Mega Man X: The New Power Fighters,
Mega Man X Command Mission 2,
Mega Man X9,
a New Mega Man sidescroller-fighting-platformer-series with Inti Creates,
a new online eSport in the vein of Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man Star Force.
Almost anything would work to bring the Mega Man fans and celebrators to the stores if it’s well-crafted (as long as it’s not a Mega Man 11 in the same vein as 9 and 10).  Whatever it is, make it Wii U exclusive, give it Mega Man amiibo support, add some 3DS Download Play for those friends that are on the fence about getting themselves a Wii U and want a small sample of the games they could be playing on it, and you have a guaranteed Multi-Million Seller on a home console again, like Monster Hunter Tri.


About Guardian Hero

I've been playing video games ever since I was little. I grew up knowing that a positive attitude and the drive to succeed, you will always win.
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