Top ∞ Games that should have been made for the Wii

Throughout the 7th generation of console gaming, I would see some game announcements that looked fantastic!  …until they later announced that the game would not be going to the Wii, eschewing Wii motion control in favour of a game you could essentially play on a 3rd or 4th gen console, but with the gimmicks of 720p15 HD graphics, an overinflated price tag, day-1 pay-DLC, and season-passes.  Developers were more enthralled with scamming the gaming audience during the 7th generation rather than actually innovating in the game-space, and it has cost some of them a lot of money by underestimating Nintendo’s Wii.  Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake, and that they put their best work forward for the Wii U.

With that said, here are the Top ∞ Games that should have been made for the Wii (and should be made for the Wii U).  Why use the “infinity” symbol instead of a simple top-ten? Because there are a lot of games to add to this list that would benefit from using the unique features of the Wii and Wii U hardware.  These in particular are on top of the reasons that any game should have been made for the Wii, those being mainly:
1. Nintendo has an audience that’s significantly more numerous and significantly more active in every gaming region around the world.
2. The Nintendo audience tends to inform themselves thoroughly about a game before spreading the good word (or bad) about it, allowing developers’ better games to enjoy long-tail sales instead of becoming a flash-in-the-pan and fizzling out within the month.

Let’s begin the list with…

I still remember the articles mentioning seasickness because of this game.Every First Person Shooter Ever Made
This is pretty much a given.  There is no FPS out there that wouldn’t have been made better had it been made with the Wii in mind.  The Wii remote’s true-aiming easily renders the dual-stick controller obsolete, as rather than tilting a stick and waiting for a reticle to move to where you want it to go, you are in direct control of where that reticle is at all times!
DOOM? Check. (including HERETIC and HEXEN). Duke Nukem? Check. Quake Arena/Live? Check. Descent? Check.  Even MOON for the DS, with its retro stylings would have made a fantastic addition to the Wii library with a sequel or enhanced port, perhaps with some connectivity.
I would rather be playing the Conduit- and Red Steel games over Team Fortress 2, over any Portal game more than once, and over any other shooter that was notable last generation despite its lack of Wii Motion aiming.

Persona 3 minus, IMHOAny Shin Megami Tensei game
Atlus Japan found that they could make a quick yen or two porting over the P.S.1 and P.S.2 Persona games to the P.S.P.  However, fans of theirs that care about game quality found the portable Persona offerings to be lacking, being little more than hasty ports, and a severe down-port in the case of Persona 3 Portable.  While the D.S. enjoyed some new titles in the form of Strange Journey and 2 games in a brand new sub-series, “Devil Survivor”, the Wii was left in the cold in a time when a solid J.R.P.G. experience on it could have brought about a resurgence in J.R.P.G. popularity around the world.

“Tales of…” Titles
It was a tale of disgrace to see this game bug-fixed and released to the smaller Playstation audience.  Rich people who had bought a P.S.3 would have no trouble shelling out 20’000 Yen for a Wii, but the Nintendo audience had the advantage of a low price and a previous Tales release, meaning that they were less likely to buy a PS3 for a Tales game, and when Graces “F” released on the PS3,  the tens of millions of Wii owners at the time weren’t convinced that they needed a PS3, and the Wii audience only grew!  The Wii enjoyed a 10-4-1 lead over the PS3 and XBox360 in Japan, so nobody can satisfactorily explain why Namco Bandai would continue supporting a console that was far behind the lead other than that they’re clinging to an outdated idea that those rival consoles still hold a significant audience.  Even Bandai Namco released a statement expressing their incorrect belief that most of their fans have Sony products, as if to pacify the 100 million Wii owners that felt ripped off by Bandai Namco’s business decisions.  It’s pretty difficult to believe that after Namco-Bandai’s generation of supporting Sony, and losing so much money in supporting Sony that Namco-Bandai had to basically kill off their Tales studio to stay afloat.

The Elder Scrolls (any)
The Elder Scrolls series actually started out by using motion-controlled combat.  More precisely, they used mouse-gestures for weapon swings.  The series was clearly destined for the Wii, but Bethesda chose to ignore their destiny, probably because they would have to run their games by a bug-testing and QA committee BEFORE release, rather than allowing themselves to sell patches.  It’s pretty clear that Bethesda doesn’t want to have to raise the quality of their software to meet or beat the likes of Monolith Soft’s “Xenoblade”, and the upcoming “X” -titled game for the Wii U, both JRPGs that take on a western style of gameplay and improve on it in every conceivable way.

Bayonetta 1
I’m writing this retroactively after the announcement was made that the sequel will be heading to the Wii U.  Certainly the audience of the Wii would have appreciated this news a lot more, (and Platinum games would have enjoyed higher sales of the first game due to the vastly greater audience) although this may have resulted in the sequel falling to multiplat status.
EDIT: Success!  Platinum Games is not only bringing Bayonetta 1 to the Wii U, but including it in a bundle with Bayonetta 2!

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition (now Ultra Street Fighter 4)
Considering that the 3DS version of the Street Fighter 4 franchise is the best selling and most active of all editions out today, it stands to reason that the Nintendo audience would have similarly appreciated an incarnation of this game on their Wii consoles, and Capcom would have appreciated 100 million more sales. You would think that the new version, Ultra Street Fighter 4 would obviously include the Wii U, but it seems one or more of the higher ups want to see their CAPCOM fall further into failure.

Legasista, any Disgaea, and other NIS games
After Disgaea on the DS outsold the PSP version, and had better quality, better game balance, and more features to boot, you would think that NIS would continue their support by releasing Disgaea 2, 3, and 4 on the DS and Wii consoles instead of trying to artificially build an audience for them on the Playstation line.
Phantom Brave for the Wii, while getting next to no advertisement, sold as well as its late-PS2 hyped-up release, while its later follow-up on the PSP sold next to nothing comparatively.
In the case of Legasista specifically, NiS had conveniently forgotten about the possibility of drawing your character on your DS (or taking a photo with the included camera) and sending it to the Wii via their built-in wireless connection.  Most cameras use SD cards for their storage media as well, allowing the user to import photos of themselves directly from their cameras.  This was a big miss for NIS.
If NIS makes a quality Disgaea sequel for the Wii U, they are basically guaranteeing themselves that they’ll break through that elusive Million-Sale barrier, as there are many video game enthusiasts just waiting to be alerted to the kind of power-gaming RPG that only NIS has dared to produce so far.

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin or Order of Ecclesia
At the time of this post, Konami had recently mentioned trying to gauge the level of interest in Nintendo consoles for a Castlevania game.  However, they had used radically different Castlevania games from what their audience had actually wanted to see.  Whereas we wanted games similar to the DS Titles or the Virtual Console ones, we got a follow up to the Gameboy titles as a part of the “ReBirth” series, and a 3D Fighting arena-game similar to the slew of cheap anime-licensed fighters that had released the previous generation (eg: One Piece and Rave Master for the Gamecube).

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Infinite Space, The Dark Spire, and countless other R.P.G.s
The DS, after its initial drought, was drowning in RPGs.  There were frankly too many to choose from, and lots of them had to be ignored so that others could be enjoyed.  If the developers had moved these projects to the Wii instead, these titles would have enjoyed much more success.  Platinum’s lone attempt at an RPG wouldn’t have been ignored.  Golden Sun could have brought its amazing particle effects and deep story to the Wii library before Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower arrived.  The Dark Spire could have been a series for the Wii, which could have complimented the Etrian Odyssey series for the DS.  Instead, these titles ended up briefly mentioned and then forgotten as the next game came out.
EDIT: Golden Sun is available on the Wii U Virtual Console, so that’s a start.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2
This game made it a point that it was only begrudgingly using the touch screen. When you touched a point on the screen, the cursor would slowly trundle its way towards the point you touched on the screen as long as you held that point until the cursor got there. It was clear that the developers at Square-Enix really preferred that you used the D-pad and A-button instead of the touch-screen. Final Fantasy Tactics A2 would have made a fantastic addition to the Wii, a much better game than Crystal Bearers, and a great clarification that you had the option of the Classic Controller for Classic-styled games such as these. Bigger, more detailed sprites would have conveyed game actions much more vividly. Square Enix could have saved themselves a lot of red ink during the 7th Gen by making this a Wii release, or at least following up the DS game with a Wii Final Fantasy Tactics A3 (Or Final Fantasy Tactics 2 proper).
EDIT: Now that Square Enix is fully independant from Sony, they have a golden opportunity to bring some prime software to the Wii U.  Let’s hope they don’t waste this new generation once again drowning in red ink and trying to find an audience on Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja and its sequel
Both the DS and Wii had a fair share of Roguelikes, with DS getting the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon titles, and Wii getting a mainline Shiren and a remake of Baroque.  Izuna was marketed with an emphasis on anime-style and fantasy-ninja flare, and that would have only benefitted with the ability of the Wii to display bigger sprites with more frames of animation. In the case of the Izuna games in particular, it would have especially benefitted from the fact that the touch screen wasn’t used, so instead of two screens to display a large-form sprite and a map, they could have large sprites on the game field, and the map displayed in the way handled by Baroque.  It’s not too late for Success to enjoy some more success with an Izuna 3 for the Wii U, or a remake of the first and/or second title in the series.


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