Third Parties need to talk to Nintendo about getting their R.P.G.s released world-wide.

(Update March 2013): Project X Zone is scheduled for release in Region 1 in April of 2013!

Sin and Punishment, Captain Rainbow, Mother 3, Pandora’s Tower, Dragon Quest Collection, Project X Zone… the list goes on.  Games that you watch get developed right in front of your eyes, and wait for the announcement that it will be localized.  As the gamer, you wait, and wait, and wait, while games that are lesser in your sight get made, announced for localization before they’re even done, and released to your local game store shelves eliciting little more than a shrug from you, and not a penny from your wallet.  You need to put money down on that gem you’ve had your eye on before any other distractions can even be considered. Yet, the opportunity takes forever to arise. It’s as if Nintendo doesn’t realize that its audience worldwide can see a trailer meant for any particular region, and demand will be generated in those other regions for a game with a brand new intense-looking battle system, or a crossover story between three developers’ characters!  Here’s the first trailer for Project X Zone, that’s already been mirrored lot of times on youtube alone:

There have been many fan efforts to get the Nintendos of Japan, Europe and America to work harder in bringing over the games that the gaming audience wants to see, and to focus a little less on their “safe” franchises.  I mean, I love good Mario titles as much as the next guy, but I’ve never waited on getting Mario games until N.S.M.B. Wii.  Why?  Because I wanted to make sure my gaming money was going towards quality Wii R.P.G.s first and foremost, and I still had some to buy, such as Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Shiren the Wanderer, and Phantom Brave: We Meet Again.  Similarly, I’ll wait on picking up N.S.M.B. 2 because of the money I will spend on 3DS titles, I’d like to place a preorder on Code Of Princess, Soul Hackers and Shin Megami Tensei IV before even thinking about a new Mario game at this time.

Besides which, I haven’t even completed the extra stages in Super Mario 3D Land.  I’ve been playing Devil Survivor 2, Heroes of Ruin, Kid Icarus (It’s got an R.P.G.’s amount of production value, plot, and dialogue in it), and Dragon Quest IX.  Yes, I’m still playing that after all this time, so I really don’t feel the rush to get 1 million coins in N.S.M.B. 2, especially now after hearing that roughly 50’000’000’000 coins have been collectively collected already. There’s the Paper Mario series, of which “Sticker Star” I’ll probably buy at launch, but I might end up waiting on actually playing it until my more “cohesive canon R.P.G.s” are done with.

Sure, one could simply learn Japanese and import a console, or one could simply import the European version, or one could simply download illegal copies of games that have been taking forever to come out in your region, build translation patches, and distribute them for free, but most gamers would rather support good game companies, and fund more games that are outside that safe zone, that tell stories in more compelling ways, that have battle systems that bring video game intensity to new heights.

This is an alert to all the companies that dropped the ball on bringing big titles to the wildly successful Wii console.  Get contracts written up with Nintendo regarding the Wii U, to bring some fantastic R.P.G.s to it, advertise them, and localize them worldwide.  You know that the Wii U will be at least as successful as the Wii. Don’t underestimate it this time.  With that unique game pad with its own screen, I expect to see some new and epic Wii U R.P.G.s showing up at my stores.


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2 Responses to Third Parties need to talk to Nintendo about getting their R.P.G.s released world-wide.

  1. Dante says:

    And how about Monster Hunter? At least they’re starting to hit stride with that..

    • I should update this article, but the point still stands, that even with PXZ finally heading over and SMTxFE and the new Xenoblade-styled game from Monolith soft having been announced in English, as of this posting, these games need to be seen through to their worldwide localizations.

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