How To Better: Kid Icarus: Uprising

This image turned out a lot bigger than I intended it to

Wow, I can’t believe how many hours I’ve sunk into this compelling game!  At first, this would seem like the perfect game.  The graphics are stylish and smooth, especially with the 3D slider at maximum.  The gameplay is fast and the controls are precise, customizable and all-around a perfect match for this kind of action game.  The dual screens are used to maximum effect, showing an extra angle on characters while they’re talking, some space on which to display subtitles, and offering bits of info on your special attacks, powers, and the intensity of the current stage!  The sound is divine, with orchestrated numbers that bring up references to the old Kid Icarus games of course, but also Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, and others if you can find a break from the constant action to search for them.  The online could very well replace FPS games entirely for me.  I could go on and on, but after approximately 100 hours of playing, some flaws do make themselves evident, as there is always room for improvement (and hopefully room for a sequel, no matter what Sakurai says!)

A Lightning-based skill-set?  Flashy!

Phosphora, captain of Viridi’s troops.

Cooperative Campaigns (together mode, both online and off):  I realize that the more modes there are, the less chance that enough people will want to play any one particular mode, but there NEEDS to me more exposure on the characters that were introduced in the chapters of Uprising.  Magnus and Phosphora seem to have gotten fanbases of their own, and during the story of KI:U Phosphora seems to have developed a position as the “star-soldier” of Viridi’s Troops, and Magnus to the humans, just as Pit is to Palutena’s Army.  Perhaps there could be a multi-player story where participants chose between the three (or more) main characters and took on the forces of evil together.  They could either have their own set powers, or have powers interpreted in their style.  For example, “Heavenly Light” for Pit, would translate to an electrical field for Phosphora, and perhaps a wall of shields for Magnus.  It could be that you could have a random game chosen from the online selection, or a voting system similar to the CONDUIT titles for Wii.  However it happens, I just want it to happen!

Warriors currently take your favourite colour for their armour. A few more options for customization wouldn’t hurt.

Custom online warriors/angels: Customizable armour pieces in varying styles.  If the game turns out to be balanced enough to allow us to play around with armour stats, we could add whole new dimensions to the meta-game of a potential Kid Icarus: Uprising 2, not to mention dimensions of style, as well.

Gem Cutting: Using “gems” as the MacGuffin for StreetPass interactions opens up a world of possibilities.  What if you could cut the gems, polish them up a bit, before pulling the desired weapon out of them?  For example, I would imagine a “Cut” option, where you could take one desirable facet off of a particular weapon (rendering the rest of the gem unusable if it would help keep things balanced), perhaps take the “Overall Defence +1” off of one gem and fuse it into a gem containing Beam Claws with “Overall Defence +1”, resulting in a set of Beam Claws with “Overall Defence +2”?  Of course, to prevent it from being too easy to create any weapon instantly, the moment you choose to “Fuse” rather than “Cut” a gem, the resulting weapon emerges, complete with its normal heart-cost, and is subject to the normal rules of weapon-fusing afterwards.  Similarly, a “Polish” option might allow someone to increase one or more skills or stars, perhaps just by pouring hearts into the gem, before extracting the weapon.

Well, there you have it, just a couple quick ideas on how to make this fantastic game just a little bit better.  Let’s hear your suggestions in the comments!  Meanwhile, I’ve got to get back to playing more!


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