How To Better: Fortune Street

a.k.a. Monopoly with the Stock Market

Fortune Street has brought a lot to the video board-gaming table, with a large cast of characters that have reams of dialogue written into them, and a second set of customizable clothes and personalities for your Mii to show off while playing online.  Oh yeah, and there’s online play, a first for a video board game!  This is also the first game in the Fortune Street series to hit western shores (Itadaki Street as it’s known in Japan), and you’ll see a lot of references to games like Monopoly and Power Grid.  If you were expecting something like Mario Party, you will be very surprised, as Fortune Street eschews minigame-skill in favour of investment savvy in determining the winners.

So far, I have only played Standard Rules, not wanting to get used to playing on easy before getting swamped with a complicated new layer of rules afterward.  After getting a good bout of playtime with it, I’ve finally come up with some tips on how to improve the experience for any sequels that may show up:

The tutorial for this game is quite short and easy, and only covers the core strategy.

Expand the tutorial mode to include different tips and tricks for advanced players.  Is it better to buy stock and then invest in your shops, or vice versa?  When is it advantageous to force buy-out your competitors, early-game or late?  For now, most of the answers to these questions lie in practicing, practicing, and practicing  on the board(s) of your choice.  In adding to the tutorial, specifically for late-game scenarios, you expand the userbase of competitors that know how to handle various late game circumstances such as having stock in a  district that won’t rise in value anymore, or dominating spaces that players can easily avoid.

Allow game owners to download a mini-version of the game to their 3DS systems, to practice, or to distribute as a demo, and play on the go.  The demo version could include the simplest board (Trodain castle) and its featured characters (along with your Mii, Princessa, Platypunk and Slime).  Not only would this get the word out on the game better, it would also allow prospective rivals to get a feel of the game before they buy it.

Allow players to re-roll the die.  You know those times when luck just doesn’t seem to be on your side?  “Don’t give me a 1, anything but a 1!”  You roll the die, and it’s a 1, causing you to land on the ridiculously expensive spot and pay out your remaining worth.
I know that this series has been around for decades, AND that because it’s made with board gamers in mind, things like this will happen and are even expected to happen once in a while, and a lot of research and development has gone into to to make it balanced, but even knowing this, it seems like there are times when the CPU “cheats” and rolls you exactly the number you don’t need, 3 or 4 times in a row.  To balance it out and increase the appeal for non-board-savvy video gamers, it could be a toggle-able option (easy-mode) that the player can switch off. It could be an ability that recharges, for example, you can only do this at most often once every five turns.

These are just a few quick ideas I’ve been able to come up with for this particular game.  It’s pretty close to perfect as far as video board-games go for me.  If you have any other ideas, post them in the comments and they may get added to the article!


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I've been playing video games ever since I was little. I grew up knowing that a positive attitude and the drive to succeed, you will always win.
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4 Responses to How To Better: Fortune Street

  1. Dreams says:

    Fortune street is a good game, but I guess they should spice it up, by adding something new to it.

    I hope keep all old characters and they add interesting characters like dixie kong. This should be unlike how the transition of character from mario 3 on 3 to sports mix. I want SE to include mario rpg characters since they are not using them for longest time and are critically received. Same idea for stages, just keep the olds and add new ones.

    Maybe for Wii u i wish for fortune street and marty party to have a fusion game. But fortune street 2 is good enough

    • Fortune Street has just made its debut here, and I think it’ll take a little while for the gaming audience to warm up to a game about what basically amounts to playing the stock market.
      I find Fortune Street to be a different game from Mario Party.
      Fortune Street is definitely for board-game players, where investment-savvy and adaptability is what will keep you afloat.
      Mario Party is about mini-games galore and turning the tides on a regular basis.
      Let’s hope to see a Fortune Street 2 for the Wii U!

  2. name says:

    Last night I rolled seven 1s in a row. Seriously. Those were my first seven rolls so I thought I was off to a terrible start but I somehow ended up winning the game. I don’t know how or why because my stats were terrible!

    • Actually at the beginning of the game, having 1s is the best thing you can have. You can buy a whole district in the first turns, and that’s something that gives a lot of advantage.

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