How to Better: Streetpass Mii Plaza: Find Mii


After training myself up to a level of some competence in Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition and dabbled in Dead or Alive Dimensions, I’ve started exploring the possibilities of Streetpass Mii Plaza, mainly the “Find Mii” little R.P.G. that involves gathering friends and strangers to rescue a captive… you. I was disappointed to find that once you’ve streetpassed someone and played them in Find Mii, they return home, although I understood later on that the game is short enough that you can complete it with level 1 characters, and mercenaries hired through Play Coins (amusingly modelled after cats or dogs, whichever you’ve stated that you prefer in your profile.  As a side note, if a cat or dog mercenary further summons a mercenary of their own, it ends up being a bunny).

Nintendo has recently stated that they were considering a sequel to Find Mii (titled StreetPass Quest in the Japanese release), so it would be in their best interests to explore how such a product could be improved over the existing incarnation.  I have a lot of smaller ideas for this one rather than fewer, larger ideas, just because there are a lot of directions in which a game like this could develop:

Ability to change the order of the characters that enter the rooms.  One of the most frustrating things about StreetPass Mii was ‘The Dark Room,” where all the Miis you’ve collected will go home unless they have a white shirt, at which point the only option is to cast the ‘Light’ spell.  This is probably not a big deal in Japan, where you would StreetPass new people roughly every 10 minutes. In the case where you live in a less densely populated area where you would be lucky to find one or two people per day, it becomes a problem when you’re stuck in a part of this game for what could be weeks on end, possibly to the point of you forgetting to even check it ever again. A simple solution would be to either change the order in which characters enter a room before going in, or just allowing the player to simply select who goes in as it happens.

Multi-Mii parties.  Like in Pokémon, the number of Miis that you can bring into a room may be determined by how many enemies are in the room. 2v2 battles, 3v3, maybe even 4v4 battles could play out.  It could be determined entirely by the player how many people to bring into a room, with the advantages of bringing more people in at a time being balanced by making those people unavailable (exhausted/sent-away/scared-off) for later rooms.
Resolved!  Somewhat.  In Find Mii II, you have the option of “Creating Teams,” of like or similar coloured recruits.  They’ll take their turns at the same time, resulting in attacks that have Double+1 attack power, miss less frequently, and often result in bonus attacks (Same colour bonus attack, black-and-white combo finisher, &c.).

Colour Magic Improvements. There are many ways in which the magic system could be improved. With my favourite colour being Yellow, I was disappointed to see that my magic was one out of many “risk/reward up factors” more than a definite buff or damage-spell.  One possible solution would be to have all magic deal a little damage, plus their normal effect.  Damage-only spells such as red and blue could deal extra damage to compensate, and of course, the monsters would have to be stronger to balance it all out.  This would allow your character to feel useful even if they’re not particularly strong or if they don’t have one of the in-demand spells to cast.

Favourites and Vs. Battles. The Miis you set as your “Favourite” in the Mii maker could be ones that you keep around and accompany you into every journey into Find Mii 2.  Furthermore, you could take your team of favourites and pit them against other teams in multiplayer competitive battles, or team them up with a friend and go on randomly generated sidequests together.

Left-handed Characters.  As always, being a lefty, I’d like to see some representation for us in any R.P.G. where the player is presented as a character in-game.

Weapons and armour.  In Find Mii 1, your shirt determined what colour your attacks were, for the purpose of breaking like-coloured shields.  If you couldn’t find a particular shirt, then perhaps you could spend some play-coins on a sword of the appropriate colour?  It would have to be a temporary thing, and would probably break once its purpose has been served, but again, it would open doors that are otherwise closed for people who can’t find particular colours in their normal street-passing haunts.
Resolved!  Again, somewhat.  You can re-hire old allies that have crossed your path, for the cost of their level tripled, in play-coins.  This solves the problem of waiting for someone with a white shirt to come along.  Unfortunately, it only works in Find Mii 2.  For Find Mii 1, you have to hope that someone you hire with play-coins will have a white shirt.  Still, not a terrible solution, considering you get 10 play coins every day for little to no effort.

Equipment adds abilities (Mario hat = fireballs, Kirby hat = copy enemy powers, &c).  Of course, these will be more for fun than the “essential” colour magic, so they’ll just be a bonus more than a complication (avoiding the potential problem of, “I need to find someone with a white shirt AND who’s wearing a kirby hat or else I can’t progress.”)

Equipment earned from third party games that you own. This ties into the previous entry in the way that you can use, for example, a Hadouken from donning Ryu’s gloves or perhaps Noel’s guns from BlazBlue Continuum Shift II against the enemies in Streetpass Find Mii 2.

Although this has been one of the simplest articles I’ve written, it has also been one of the most difficult, just because of how open-ended StreetPass Mii Plaza: Find Mii is as to how it can improve.  There are so many ideas I’m leaving out, just because I can’t decide whether it would clash with one of the previous ones, or whether it would just be too much.  Let’s see some of your ideas in the comments section.


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I've been playing video games ever since I was little. I grew up knowing that a positive attitude and the drive to succeed, you will always win.
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  1. Allahweh says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, and you have an excellent site.

    Obviously this is not related to this post, lol, but I was wondering if you would be okay with me adding your site as a link to mine?

  2. The inability to change the order is so frustrating. I’ve wasted so many coins trying to randomly get who I wanted (then finally paying more to hire old heroes) only to have the first 7-9 heroes just turn away without doing anything…

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